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Experience Centre

We helped Seedland research, design, and build a series of sales galleries with multi-touchpoint design experiences of the benefits of Seedland’s products. As a result, more than 100,000 visitors have visited three sales galleries so far, and Seedland has climbed up the real estate developer rankings in China.


Seedland, one of China’s largest real estate and tech firms


Real estate, Technology


Experience Design, Spatial Design (interior design), Branding, Digital UI/UX Design | Build

A building with a reflecting exterior

The shiny stainless steel and aluminium exterior of the sales gallery in Changshou, Chongqing, one of the sales
galleries we developed, gives off a futuristic, space-age feel.


In China, 80% to 90% of real estate sales happens in a sales gallery, thus Chinese developers use it as their main sales channel. We needed to help Seedland stand out from their competitors, communicate their vision, the theme of technologies of the future, and their products.


The business cycle of a real estate developer in China starts off with the acquisition of a piece of land, then the design and architecture of the property begins at the same time as marketing and sales efforts. Once the property is built, home owners will get a notice to sign the paperwork, pay conservancy fees and collect their keys. Finally, they inspect the property before moving in. Afternaut comes in at the marketing and sales portion of this process to design and build the sales gallery, which is the main sales channel for their properties.

the journey to buying a house in China

High-tech but also warm and relatable

The experience center is the key to a better lifestyle for Seedland’s customers. In addition to being a sales gallery, Seedland also wanted to sell a certain lifestyle. The modern and high-tech lifestyle, products, and emotions had to be curated well enough such that Seedland could push sales before potential buyers even visited the showrooms.

However, with the futuristic theme, we also had to ensure that the sales gallery and experience centre did not come across as too pretentious and cold. The experience had to be warm and relatable, so we kept the colours simple, and the landscaping and interior design helped to bring this experience across. We designed one manifesto and adopted it to 10 different designs. Here are some of the experiences we created for the sales galleries.

How we created the Seedland lifestyle and brand, and showcased their products across multiple touchpoints

A virtual table in the middle of a room at Seedland

Experience Centre 1.0 helped drive sales by giving potential buyers a hands on experience and a good feel of the
product and lifestyle they would be getting.

Experience Centre 1.0 gave visitors an immersive experience:

The first experience centre we did for Seedland resided within their usual sales gallery setup. We had 80sqm of space to work with to give visitors an immersive experience of Seedland’s products and their vision. The Experience Centre 1.0 was eventually implemented in 15 more sales galleries all over China. Here are some of the features:

An interactive table for better understanding of Seedland’s products:

Seedland’s sales gallery was the first in China to use this interactive table brought all the way from Finland. Visitors would take a circular card featuring one of Seedland’s products, and place the card on this table. More information and benefits of the product would be displayed on the table and visitors can interact with the information, such as getting a 360-degree view of the neighbourhood.

The cards could also be placed together so visitors could see how different products complement and work with each other. With greater interactivity, visitors were able to see the benefits of Seedland’s product in a way that had never been seen before in sales galleries in China, and allowed them to get a good feel of what the product can do for them. This was an important tool used by the salespersons to close deals.

A woman interacting with a virtual table navigating the city

A digital peek into the Seedland lifestyle:

We also designed digital content that was important in giving visitors a taste of the lifestyle they could get, such as these teaser videos.

Media coverage by CCTV showing the videos that Afternaut had scripted.


The interior, marketing materials, logos, and icons in the experience centre were also designed and produced by us - this ensured that everything in the experience centre contributed to creating a conducive environment for the visitors.

A person interacting with a virtual screen

Product cards designed by Afternaut to be placed on the interactive table.

Expanding the experience centre into 10 more sales galleries

We received good feedback from Seedland and their visitors about Experience Centre 1.0, so they engaged us to design their entire sales gallery. This manifested into 8 more sales galleries all around China.

Sales Gallery Changshou - a peek into the home of the future:

One of the sales galleries that was built was the one in Changshou, Chongqing. The exterior was made of stainless steel and aluminium. Its shiny surface reflected the surrounding buildings, and was designed to look like curtains. The part of the curtain that was drawn is the entrance to the gallery, inviting visitors to move from their reality (mirrored on the building surface) and step into the future.

VIDEO: When visitors enter the sales gallery, they are welcomed into a room that looks like a space observatory, or the main terminal of a space station.

A miniature plan of a city in the middle of a room

The model display room also looks like the main deck of a spaceship.

A woman interacting with a virtual wall

Based on insights from the first experience centre, we designed a VR room to allow visitors to stand on a space so they could physically involve themselves in exploring the property, and be immersed in the Seedland experience.


Seedland sees about 100 visitors daily at each of the three sales galleries that are currently open, with some coming back multiple times before they make their purchase. Since we started working with Seedland, they have moved up the real estate developer rankings from 89 in 2017 to 51 in 2020.

The sales gallery served its many purposes - in addition to selling houses, it also served as good branding for Seedland. Even after the sales for the properties close, the buildings can be repurposed for other community projects, ensuring its sustainability.

The Experience Centre 1.0 was one of the first major projects we had with Seedland and we are proud to say that our engagement with them continues till today. Our work has even expanded to other Seedland projects beyond their real estate arm.

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