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Many projects are great in different ways and I never refer to one being the “greatest” as maybe the best has yet to come. We always challenge ourselves to do better and find new ways to solve old problems. In architecture school, we were taught to question the status quo, an important skill set that will serve designers well.

Lishan is our OG space explorer - the first to join Afternaut when it was founded in 2017. She started off as an experience designer but pivoted to leading client projects. She manages client accounts and makes sure that the project runs smoothly. Get to know Lishan, which projects she’s the most proud of, and what she loves best about being at Afternaut.

Sam is part of the team that innovates great customer experiences. She leads design research and translates data into insights, which are in turn transformed into solutions for business growth. Get to know Sam, as we call her, and she will explain a bit more about her role as well as how she went from an engineering degree to a design career.

Ann conducts market trends research and analysis to understand user and business needs, as well as concept creation and ideation. What are some of the challenges she’s experienced and how does she deal with them? Get to know Ann, what it’s like being an intern in an experience design company, and the benefits her background in communications brings to the role.

At Afternaut, we strongly believe in collaboration - we need to work together to address the challenges that we face in the world today. Thus, Leroy is on the lookout for great people we can work with to bring great experiences to our clients and turn this into business growth.

What exactly does a design lead do? Using insights gathered from our design research, Sky helps to translate this data into concepts that we can bring to life. Get to know Sky, including the biggest misconception people have about his work, and what is the nicest thing a client has said about his and his team’s work.


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