How we bring a design project to life

How does experience design work in bringing a project from paper to real life? Here is Afternaut's approach to designing and implementing projects from the beginning till project launch and operation. This process works when we're working on designing spaces, not just digital projects.

Co-creation with our clients at every step of the way is also something very important to us. We've learned that every client has a different need so there is no one fixed answer. Thus we co-create with them, learn from each other and use our combined expertise to create a solution together.

Some projects also require us to coordinate its operations after they have launched. Doing so for a project we helped develop the design concept for ensures a smoother delivery. These are the steps we use to guide us in finding a great design solution:


Afternaut got our start in China and 4 years on, we're grateful for all the opportunities we've had to create some of our favourite work. Afternaut’s co-founders Berlin Lee, Kokyong Chew and Chong Zhe Wei share what they learnt about building a harmonious, constructive working relationship in the competitive Chinese market.

Buying a new home is one of the biggest purchases that anyone would make in their lives so we wanted to make the experience memorable for the new homeowners of Seedland’s properties. We were already working on the designs for Seedland’s residential units, as well as developing their sales galleries, a touchpoint for them to portray their brand, lifestyle, and conduct sales of their properties.

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