Get to know our space explorers - sky tan

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At Afternaut, we understand design and how to design great experiences that can transform into business growth. We call ourselves space explorers because we break new frontiers in design and we co-create solutions with our clients to help their businesses take flight. In this series about our team, we’re proud to introduce you to Sky Tan, our Design Lead.

What exactly does a design lead do? Using insights gathered from our design research, Sky helps to translate this data into concepts that we can bring to life. Get to know Sky, including the biggest misconception people have about his work, and what is the nicest thing a client has said about his and his team’s work.

How would you summarise your experience at AFternaut so far?

Interesting, challenging and unexpected. We all come together from different multidisciplinary backgrounds to learn and grow together, that’s something that I’ve never experienced before.

How would you describe your work to your daughter once she’s a bit older?

Working to make us (human) life better and easier.

What is the biggest misconception people have about your work?

People think that I am designing signage, name card, interior design, or design mobile apps. I find it hard to tell people what I do because actually we do UI, user experience design, we design structures, graphic design and innovative new media - so I guess we do everything lah! But this is what makes it interesting and lets us push ourselves.

I can’t draw very well (yes, even though I’m a designer) but as long as it gets the point across, i think it’s ok. This diagram illustrates the process I take to get a result in my work. It’s not a straightforward process as you can see - there are a lot of different parts and routes that I take. But all this is done to achieve the end result.


The client told me that it is difficult to find another company with a similar skill set and services like us in the industry.

“A client once told me that it is difficult to find another company with similar skill sets and services like us in the industry”

What is your dream project like and what impact do you hope to make with it?

My dream project would be something that is impactful enough to change or improve our environment. We are Afternaut because we want to help humanity, improve our lives, and make things simpler and more efficient. For example, Berlin and a team once worked on a backpack that unfolds into a tent, that can help homeless people.


Unique, Limitless, Insatiable.


When decentralising the shopping mall, we didn’t want to just move it into a local neighbourhood. We built a plaza that is an extension of the home by providing convenient services that the residents of the nearby community would use. From Afternaut’s design research, we discovered that there were a lot of multi-generational families living in Seedplaza’s vicinity. So we designed services that would meet their needs.

Lishan is our OG space explorer - the first to join Afternaut when it was founded in 2017. She started off as an experience designer but pivoted to leading client projects. She manages client accounts and makes sure that the project runs smoothly. Get to know Lishan, which projects she’s the most proud of, and what she loves best about being at Afternaut.

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