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Overlooking Marina Bay, ARCC Spaces @ One Marina Boulevard (ARCC@OMB) is a Grade A co-working office designed with the concept of ‘work-life harmony’ in mind for its modern-day users. Combining a hospitality approach with dynamic spatial planning, it is designed to cater to and optimize various work typologies and needs, as well as relaxation modes. As an ode to holistic wellness, the space features biophilic touches throughout, and also comprises relaxation lounges and bar counters that encourage social interaction and leisure.



ARCC@OMB is the second installment in a flagship of workspaces we’ve designed for the client. The design emphasis for the previous office was to project a highly-professional environment with a clean, efficient image. For ARCC@OMB, the client wanted to cater to a new group of premium users with shifting work-life harmony needs. Re-imagined as a human-centered ‘Third space’, ARCC@OMB re-defines and elevates the conventional co-working office — one that exudes a sophistication befitting ARCC Spaces’ clientele, while catering to user needs.


People nowadays crave workspaces that serve beyond function; spaces should also facilitate wellness and community building. Thus, the key design approach features dynamic spatial planning imbued with a hospitality approach. A series of signature zones was developed to offer a people-first experience – one that was seamless and productive, and holistically-rich and meaningful.

The space provides various work settings with the enhancement of productivity and well-being in mind, as well as well-positioned programmatic spaces that allow visual dialogues of the working community’s dynamics and energy. Meeting and event spaces seamlessly connect, allowing fluid movement between spaces and even activities with different setups and functional requirements.

A Conducive Workspace

Stylish and welcoming, the interiors of ARCC@OMB feature sophisticated textures paired with highly-contrasting neutrals and punctuations of vibrant colors. Fabric murals inject fresh appeal, and the tactility of softer materials makes it conducive for settling in. Thought was put into crafting a comfortable yet premium arrival experience; a feature bronze reception with a fabric mural screen backdrop anchors the ‘Welcome Lounge’. Here, a reception staff warmly greets customers and they can choose from various seating available, and browse reading materials.

Beside the ‘Welcome Lounge’ is the ‘Drawing Room’ with several communal lifestyle spaces that are easily re-configured for different business or event needs like town hall gatherings. Seating arrangements are flexible according to various work and discussion settings. Here, pivoting glass screens and fabric divisions allow areas to be enclosed independently, and seamlessly re-configured into a conference-type room for private events. A hidden door within this room provides shortcut access into the ‘Library’.

Designed for Productivity and Collaboration

Throughout ARCC@OMB, several lounges are interspersed in other parts of the floorplate to accommodate other needs: The ‘Collaboration Lounge’ features padded fabric-lined private booths and discussion areas buffered by greenery for acoustical privacy. A section within another discussion lounge comprises standing tables with hydraulic height adjustment; tailoring to different working preferences.

Breakout areas are adjacent to work areas so users can take frequent breaks from work and have casual socialization. With movable furniture, settings can also be flexibly configured here. After work, users can unwind without leaving the workspace. For example, the bar lounge in the ‘Drawing Room’ also doubles up as a place for socialization over drinks. Further underscoring a premium nature, communal spaces are designed to optimally capture panoramic views of the surrounding Marina Bay area – a treat in between long hours.

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The Afternaut Group Pte Ltd. 2024


The Afternaut Group Pte Ltd. 2024