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Sector       /     Real Estate
Service     /      Experience Design, Spatial Design, Branding

Instead of just displaying products and services, we sought to redefine what a typical sales gallery experience is like through new spatial narratives and digital touchpoints to experience the developer’s smart living ecosystem. 

The Changshou Sales Gallery tells a story of the future, and shows how spatial and experience design work seamlessly to deliver a holistic experience for future homeowners. The project breaks with the conventional notion of the sales gallery being a temporary building as it is conceived to be timeless and intended for long term use.

By curating an entire experiential journey from start to finish, we showed that the sales gallery can be a unique and memorable place, not only providing homeowners with information but also giving them a vision for future high-tech living.

The Afternaut Group Pte Ltd. 2023

The Afternaut Group Pte Ltd. 2023

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