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Launched just this year in January, the newest Pepper Lunch concept restaurant at Tampines One unveils a groundbreaking design that aligns seamlessly with an environmentally friendly and sustainable approach. Embracing a minimalist aesthetic, the interior is tastefully adorned with warm wood and earthy tones, cultivating a welcoming and cosy atmosphere. Every material and paint option has been thoughtfully selected to minimise waste, reduce installation complexities, and strategically lower maintenance requirements, contributing to a reduced carbon footprint. This commitment to eco-conscious choices extends beyond aesthetics, creating a serene and laid-back ambiance for patrons to savour their favourite Pepper Lunch dishes.

In addition to the visually pleasing design, the team has gone above and beyond by enhancing the mechanical and electrical equipment within the restaurant. This upgrade serves a dual purpose: to significantly improve air purification but also elevate the overall dining experience and well-being for customers.

By investing in cutting-edge technology, the restaurant ensures a more comfortable and enjoyable dining environment. This dedication to innovation underscores the brand's commitment to providing patrons with delightful meals through a socially responsible and environmentally conscious dining experience.

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The Afternaut Group Pte Ltd. 2024


The Afternaut Group Pte Ltd. 2024