10 Rules for Creating Human Places & Forging Human Connection Within Communities.

As part of our placemaking initiative with our friends MEIR Collective, we’re bringing to light the hidden narratives of ordinary people that dwell within the seemingly not-so-ordinary neighbourhoods of Singapore. 

With this initiative, we’d like to invite community dwellers to uncover surprising experiences in seemingly familiar places and forge stronger connections with other members of their communities. 

Check out our beginner’s guide to forging human connections below.

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E by Afternaut is composed of the team’s noisemakers, folks just as passionate about spatial design and placemaking as their architectural and interior design counterparts. With a great love for uncovering stories within the built-environment industry (combined with mild-to-moderate fear for our job security, given the state of the economy), we created E BY AFTERNAUT with a mission to document and spread compelling narratives about the environment around us, and render the phrase “Singapore is so boring” obsolete.

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